What You Need To Know About Decramastic Roof Problems

Decramastic roofing tiles that also are widely known as pressed metal-tiles or Decrabond was commonly used in the era of the 70’s and the 80’s in New Zealand. These tiles were constructed out of galvanized steel that featured a bitumen overlay. This option in those days offered a product that was easy-to-install and a lightweight option. However, Decramastic roof problems occurred as the tiles became older they would deteriorate and replacement or maintenance became a necessity.

If you have Decramastic roof problems with roof tiles that were installed over 30 years ago, a replacement or repair should be your next option. Below are a few reasons as to why these roof tiles deteriorate as well as what options are available to you to fix this situation.

•Weather Damage

Weather conditions such as rain, wind and exposure to the sun result in Decramastic roof tiles that degrade over time. This often results in cracks, chipped paint, coating damage to the surface and dented tiles. This type of damage can be repaired but is usually not the best option when it comes to older tiles.

•Cracked Tiles

Other Decramastic roof problems include tiles that become cracked or dented. This is because the tiles become fragile as they age and have lost their original strength. However, choosing to replace these older tiles with the modern versions of the Decramastic tiles offers you with a far more durable and heavy-duty option.

•Organic Growth

When Decramastic tiles begin to age they become susceptible to mould, algae, mildew, moss and lichen that result in harmful acid secretions that weaken and damage the metal in the tiles. As this metal erodes, rust develops on the surface of the roof which is often not easy to see due to the organic growth already present.

Replacement Of Your Decramastic Roof

The roof on a home is the part that is exposed to the elements and is subjected to damage. Decramastic roof problems are a common occurrence due to temperature changes, weather, dirt, organic growth that all contribute to degrading the roofing tiles. Selecting an entire re-roofing application or just a re-surfacing will be dependent on the extent of deterioration or damage that has occurred to the roof.

Today you have the choice of stone-coated Zincalume metal roofing tiles which is feature technological advances like the Zincalume protected steel. This offers tiles a far longer life expectancy when compared to the older galvanized versions. These metal tiles offered from Metrotile are accompanied by a 50 year pro-rate “weather-proof warranty.”

These coated-metal roofs offer a very different appearance when compared to the older Decramastic roofs. Today you have a plethora of choices that come in many styles and more than 20 colors that make sure you find a product that will accentuate your home in just the right way. In addition, the materials are known as energy-efficient provide less maintenance as well as lighter load on your home. Call a professional company today to offer you with  free advice and an assessment if your home still features tiles from the 70’s or the 80’s.