How To Find The Best Brow Feathering Auckland Business

Are you searching for a company that can provide you with brow feathering? There is a company by the name of Frenchie & Co that can help you get this done. It is a hair and wax bar that is very popular that is operating in Takapuna, Auckland. This company is open six days a week, and will even allow you to come in on Sundays by appointment. Let’s go over the many different services that they offer, and why they are considered to be the best brow feathering Auckland company.

Overview Of Frenchie & Co

Frenchie & Co it is a well-known hair salon that also offers waxing and other beauty related services. When you go to their website, you can see the new client packages, and services that are related to hair, waxing, and brow feathering. You can contact them by phone, or submit a request by visiting their website and doing online booking. Once you have them on the phone, you will be able to discuss the many other services that they offer that can help augment your appearance in a very positive way. It is a company that understands how to help people look their best using their many different services. Let’s now look at what brow feathering is, and why you should consider doing this.

What Is Brow Feathering?

Before you decide to use this brow feathering Auckland company, got to know exactly what it is. It is also called Microblading, and is actually a form of cosmetic tattooing that is semipermanent. They will use a very fine blade which will create natural hair-like strokes that will emphasize your eyebrows. The color that they use will be customized to not only the color of your hair, but also your skin tone. They will also take into account the shape of your face and find the perfect way to symmetrically add this to emphasize your features. It is called semipermanent simply because it will only last for a maximum of 18 months, gradually fading during this time. Many clients may not come back or two years, and once you have this done, you will definitely be happy with the results.

Other Services Offered By Frenchie & Co

This brow feathering Auckland company also offers many other beauty services which include new client packages. They can do a full head color package, foils package, and what they call the Balayage Package which includes shampoo, conditioner, a style cut, and a blow wave. They also offer many other haircare packages that you might be interested in. By giving them a call, you can discuss some of the other services that they offer and also set an appointment.

If you would like to improve the way that you look by changing your hair, eyebrows, or if you need waxing, Frenchie & Co is the company you should call. At the very least, find out why people call this company the best brow feathering Auckland company and take advantage of this very special service. You can find more information at their website by visiting: